28 August 2011

i really want to go outside..

The cults - Go outside

i really like this song, and the music video stars Dave Franco, he's too cute and Emma Roberts.

27 August 2011

Mua bar & restaurant

Finally tried this restaurant located in downtown Oakland. I loved the theme of the restaurant kind of like a warehouse urban type theme + they had a DJ there so i really enjoyed that. The art work was also really neat and the food was good as well. I didn't order anything big, but i heard the mac and cheese was good and it turned out to be delicious. The fact that it's made out of butternut squash made me want to try it even more. I also got calamari, but that didn't taste as good as i thought it would. That'll probably give me an excuse to go there again to try something else on the menu. Overall, good place to go for a nice dinner with a group of friends, for a birthday or a place to bring your date.

Starting a vintage camera collection?!

A couple months ago when i visited my grandparents my grandma thought we should take some of our old stuff back that was in her house.Also, she brought out a box full of old cameras that my grandpa collected because she was planning to throw them away and wanted to see if my brother and I wanted them. Out of all the other cameras i found these two camera's that is in good shape :) yay for vintage finds! I always wanted to collect/use some vintage cameras and getting these for free is pretty cool!

box full of cameras/equipment
Praktica MTL3 
Canon AE-1
 kind of dusty, but they're still in good condition!

21 August 2011

More tea please!

"Crown & Crumpet" with the lovely ladies for my friend china's late birthday :) i absolutely adore this place and have been wanting to try it for sometime now. The most girly and fun place to hang with the girls and of course take tons of pictures! Everything was too cute even our waitress. This place is located at Ghirardelli Square near fisherman's Wharf, go check it out if you get a chance too.

tea pot warmer! so adorbs
sausage rolls with hot english mustard, so good!

17 August 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco

I found this on my computer. My dad took this picture like in the 90's i think, definitely one of my favorites.

Cafe 15 & Crazy, Stupid, Love

Today my lovely friend Lisa (click the name it leads to her blog!) and I went out on a lunch + movie date since we wanted to hang out before school starts next week. Lisa found two cafes to choose from and we decided to eat at Cafe 15, and yes the food was delicious. We both ended up getting the same thing which was the eggplant sandwich it has fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto a side of house made pickles. We also shared  an order of rosemary fries. All of the food we got tasted good and even the water tasted good. Anywho, we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love because our love Ryan Gosling was starring in it and yes he was sexy and funny. We also did a mini photo-shoot more like an outfit of the day.
    Here are some pictures:

seasoning for your popcorn!

cute hello kitty spoons at Yogurtland!

 Crop Tank top:Aritzia
 Leggings: Victoria Secret
 Shoes: Khols
 Bag: Love Culture

xoxo, Charisse

11 August 2011

Best Coast = summer

Another favorite band that i discovered while i was in line at urban outfitters cashier counter, i randomly picked up Best Coast's cd and looked at it.. Usually if i like the way the album looks i'll go home and check them out, so i decided to listen to some of their music and i loved it! The lead singer Bethany's voice is just lovely, i really dig her style. & I can't get enough. Her latest music video came out to the song "our deal" directed by Drew Berrymore. The video concept of like a mix between romeo & juliet, and westside story.. In this video there are a lot of young actors/actresses including tyler posey (teenwolf),chloe moretz (kickass),miranda cosgrove,shailene woodley,donald glover, and alia shawkat.. The two leads were tyler and chloe, they looked really good together. The thing that really caught my attention was the hairstyles and the outfits! i loved the whole 50s-60s hairstyles mixed with 80's clothing.

love the victory roll hairstyles.

There's the link to the video: Best Coast - Our Deal 

04 August 2011

The HobNob!

My friend Erica and I decided to try a new place for dinner. I wanted to try this restaurant/bar called The HobNob the fries sound delicious and they make cocktails so perfect! We ordered the truffle fries which comes with parmesan & herbs, and side of truffle aioli and then got another type of fries which was basically the same thing, but since we have thing for fries we wanted them.. It's the chipotle garlic fries which has chipotle aioli on the side. We got the three cheese baked mac n' cheese which has mozzarella,tillamook cheddar, parmesan bacon and tuscan kale. Then we were tied between getting calamari or  spicy chicken wings, so we went with the spicy chicken wings. For dessert, we got chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream i forgot the name of it, but i'll post the picture of the dessert menu. That was definitely the best part of the meal. I would recommend coming here with a group of friends for some drinks and snack type of foods. They do have some dinner plates but we didn't get to try them. I also got a pomagranitini, which was okay i don't think martini's are my kind of drink so i will be getting some other type of drink next time.

Here are some pictures:

Check them out: the hob nob