11 August 2011

Best Coast = summer

Another favorite band that i discovered while i was in line at urban outfitters cashier counter, i randomly picked up Best Coast's cd and looked at it.. Usually if i like the way the album looks i'll go home and check them out, so i decided to listen to some of their music and i loved it! The lead singer Bethany's voice is just lovely, i really dig her style. & I can't get enough. Her latest music video came out to the song "our deal" directed by Drew Berrymore. The video concept of like a mix between romeo & juliet, and westside story.. In this video there are a lot of young actors/actresses including tyler posey (teenwolf),chloe moretz (kickass),miranda cosgrove,shailene woodley,donald glover, and alia shawkat.. The two leads were tyler and chloe, they looked really good together. The thing that really caught my attention was the hairstyles and the outfits! i loved the whole 50s-60s hairstyles mixed with 80's clothing.

love the victory roll hairstyles.

There's the link to the video: Best Coast - Our Deal 

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