04 August 2011

The HobNob!

My friend Erica and I decided to try a new place for dinner. I wanted to try this restaurant/bar called The HobNob the fries sound delicious and they make cocktails so perfect! We ordered the truffle fries which comes with parmesan & herbs, and side of truffle aioli and then got another type of fries which was basically the same thing, but since we have thing for fries we wanted them.. It's the chipotle garlic fries which has chipotle aioli on the side. We got the three cheese baked mac n' cheese which has mozzarella,tillamook cheddar, parmesan bacon and tuscan kale. Then we were tied between getting calamari or  spicy chicken wings, so we went with the spicy chicken wings. For dessert, we got chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream i forgot the name of it, but i'll post the picture of the dessert menu. That was definitely the best part of the meal. I would recommend coming here with a group of friends for some drinks and snack type of foods. They do have some dinner plates but we didn't get to try them. I also got a pomagranitini, which was okay i don't think martini's are my kind of drink so i will be getting some other type of drink next time.

Here are some pictures:

Check them out: the hob nob

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