29 May 2012

May update

I'm done with school! yay for a week then i'm back at it again. Summer school for a whole month then work and then vacation time!

This whole month nothing much happened, but thought i share with you guys some pictures of my birthday outings with my friends! I had a good time this year :) I got pictures from everyone, so the quality might be good or bad.. lol

My brother edited this picture, check his photography blog!

LOL i don't know what we were doing..

aw i love this one.
They have the best Spumoni ice cream

Gotta have a bathroom mirror picture!
All the items i have on are from F21 ( floral lace top, ruffle bandeau, black and white sheer top, blue maxi skirt & high-waisted shorts) The blazer i wore was from Lauren Conrad's line from KHOLS.. I really like that it's very fitted and more like a open cardigan blazer. The clutch that i wore throughout is from Urban outfitters, I love the simple design! The high waisted shorts that i got from F21 is super cute, the thing i like about it is that on both sides at the ends there are short zippers! Really helps when you sit down you can zip them up haha or if your thighs are big like mine.. & they still have some available on their website if yall are interested: Shorts
I seriously wore them almost the whole week :X they're def. cute for summer.

What items are you guys currently obsessing over? I would like to know! :)

- Charisse

28 April 2012

"So much to do, So little time"

Hey Loves,
I've been busy, busy, busy... Lately everything in my life is just craaay! haha besides school being the most stressful/time consuming thing.. Everything else in my life and family has been stressful as well. Recently my grandparents apartment complex got bought, so they have to move..we've been dealing with all that mess.. Really stressful for them since they lived in their little apartment since they came to United States in the 90s? lol i don't remember but pretty long so they collected a tonnnn of stuff i mean hoarder status haha. Anyways moving in general is such a hassle.. but we did find them a nice place and they seem really happy :) 

I haven't been posting anything lately.. no motivation at all to be honest. I know i tried to do a friday faves... totally lacking on that -_- I've been thinking of other ideas to post, so hopefully i'll post some awesome posts that is worth reading.

Until then i will share an adorable video of Ed Sheeran singing "Wake me up". Music always gives me a peace of mind. I hope you enjoy this, if you do please check out his other songs like "Give me love" or "kiss me" :) 

- Charisse 

06 April 2012

Which wallet to choose...?

Hello Loves!
          Haven't really been blogging much, but i wanted to make a quick post! So for a year or so now i've been without a wallet! There's a really long and complicated story to that and plus I haven't decided what wallet i really like. Pretty indecisive... So I've been holding all my money and cards in a coach wristlet. I mean it's convenient for running errands and what not, but it's hard to dig through it and look for stuff. I finally narrowed it down to 4 that I like. The most expensive one is the Tory Burch one, but that one is the most unique and the cheapest is Michael Kors which is simple and cute. The kate spade and Marc Jacobs are in between. I don't know which to get...I would love your opinion on which one you think looks good or if there's another brand that you recommend! And what type or brand wallet you have/like? Thanks  :)

- Charisse

30 March 2012

Friday Faves!

Hello Loves! 
          Going to keep this short and sweet. Here is some of my favorite items this week! Mainly shoes since spring is here and summer is soon approaching... I know i want to add some sandals and cute summer-eyyy shoes to my over-crowded collection of shoes lol. Have a wonderful weekend. I know i will cause i'll be stuck inside slaving over essays! :)

- Charisse

28 March 2012

Be Inspired, Be Motivated!

Hello loves,
         I haven't posted a new blog, but i thought i'll post something not related to anything I usually blog about lol, probably boring but take a read if you want! :)

 Basically a class i've been taking Sociology of popular culture, my teacher assigned this memoir by Alice Bag " Violence Girl" about a chicana girl living in East LA discovering herself in the punk scene. I just finished the book and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The book is structured a bit weird, very short chapters and tends to jump around, but she describes every scene very well you can see what she was experiencing at that moment. I love all the details she shares with her readers about "Discovering" herself. I usually don't read that much, but i'm glad i was forced to read this haha. Here's one quote i really liked...

“Healthy relationships are reciprocal and thrive on mutual encouragement, but there is a point at which people sometimes get lost in the vicarious thrill that they get from other people’s accomplishments and forgot to chase their own dreams"...

Here's a cover of the book.. very feirce!Something to take away from this is to not give a f*** and be yourself lol :) 

- Charisse 

23 March 2012

Friday Faves!

Hello Loves, 
           Happy Friday! So this whole week is my spring break and i'm really enjoying it because i don't have to do any homework... well I have to now since school starts on Monday! :( I wish it was longer or at least two weeks. Anyways, I think I'm going to start a "Friday Favorites" which Lauren Conrad does on her site.. inspired by her lol, I know a lot other bloggers do similar type of posts. So I want to do them as well :). I love using Polyvore to organize all these items together... Way better than uploading individual pictures I find on the internet. Takes tooo long! 

This whole set of items are basically a bunch of bags + accesories. I know most of them are super expensive, but hey a girl can dream? haha mentally added to my shopping cart. But really I've been obsessing over bucket bags, I don't think I own any, so i would like to get a cheaper version of one of these. I'm especially loving the two Rachel Zoe bags! the two at the bottom. 

Hope yall are having a wonderful Friday! Enjoy the weekend to come. 
Bags + Acessories

15 March 2012

Let's Get High-Waisted!

Hello Loves,
          So lately i've been looking/wanting a great pair of high-waisted shorts! Denim studded in particular. I do have a couple, but i wan't some more different styles. Plus i like wearing crop tops, so it would look perfect... besides i don't really like exposing my stomach lol.. high-waisted anything would be happy in my closet :)

I'm trying this whole Polyvore thing out. I've always notice other people use it, i had no idea what it was...Now that I know i'm having fun putting stuff together..I like that you can add whatever item you want and create collections. Here's one I made.

Do you guys like high-waisted bottoms?
- Charisse

P.S My Spring Break is here! yay i've been so stressed out with school. I def. deserve a nice week long break :) Any-Who, Have a wonderful Thursday.