06 April 2012

Which wallet to choose...?

Hello Loves!
          Haven't really been blogging much, but i wanted to make a quick post! So for a year or so now i've been without a wallet! There's a really long and complicated story to that and plus I haven't decided what wallet i really like. Pretty indecisive... So I've been holding all my money and cards in a coach wristlet. I mean it's convenient for running errands and what not, but it's hard to dig through it and look for stuff. I finally narrowed it down to 4 that I like. The most expensive one is the Tory Burch one, but that one is the most unique and the cheapest is Michael Kors which is simple and cute. The kate spade and Marc Jacobs are in between. I don't know which to get...I would love your opinion on which one you think looks good or if there's another brand that you recommend! And what type or brand wallet you have/like? Thanks  :)

- Charisse


  1. I actually like Kate Spade one a lot - very classy and cute! But choice is yours;-)

  2. I really like the Kate Spade one or the Marc Jacob! I think I'm more drawn to the more classic simple black leather!

    The Lovely Memoir

    1. Yeah, def! thanks :) i'll probably have to see all of them in person then make my decision.

  3. These are all so amazing, the Tory Burch one is my favourite!

  4. I'm liking #3! Seems to go with every season , no? You have good taste!

    Janette the Jongleur

  5. Hey Charisse!

    You have such a cute selection of wallets! But I can see how the choice is hard because they are all slightly different (except the in betweens).

    It really depends on what you want. Do you want a zipper closure? Does the MK clutch have a zipper under the flap? I would feel safer with a zipper closure over a button one. but I really like the envelope style. At least the TB one has a latch style closure so that is more secure than a button.

    And judging by the colors you're looking for a black one? Does the MK one come in black? So by color alone the MK is potentially out.

    And what about size? The Kate Spade looks slightly bigger than the MJ ones, but I prefer the shape of the MJ one. But I really like how subtle the KS one is. But I love the detailing of the TB one

    lol! I think you should check them all out in person! I bet once you do it will be 10x easier to decide! :)

    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

    1. Yeah I really like the style of the MK one and it does come in black, i couldn't find a picture of it.. lol & it's the cheapest one out of all the other wallets. I'm really conflicted with which one to pick.. I haven't seen the Tory Burch one in person yet, but i'll probably make my decision then. I think i've narrowed it down to either the The tory burch or marc jacobs :) Thanks for your input Josie.

  6. great wallet picks. i am eyeing the tory burch one. :)

    enjoy your evening!



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