31 December 2011

Last day of 2011

Only a couple more hours until the new year! (2012) AHH I'm just going to make a quick post of all the things i've done so far this month. I'll just post up random pictures. This last week I've got to see a lot of friends i haven't seen for awhile and people i haven't seen for like a year! So that made me really happy. Well another year has ended which means anther year older haha. I've enjoyed every bit even if at times it suckkked and i'm grateful for all the people that stuck by me throughout the year, because they are the ones that honestly keep me sane. They know who they are. Whether or not the next year is good or bad i'll make the best out of it! :) Cheeeeeers to life and more memories! YOLO as drake would say.

Happy New years!

Love, Charisse

17 December 2011

We are trees

stumbled upon this band on this lazy saturday of relaxation. Done with finals now i can just chill out for the rest of winter break, sounds good to me.


11 December 2011

Fabulous vintage inspired coats for winter

So i absolutely love love any type of vintage classic coats. Here are some lovely coats that i think are very chic'. They are somewhat pricy, but i'm sure there are cheaper alternatives! I would love to have one of these to add to my already cluttered closet haha :)

1. Mustard Velvet Tie Double Breasted Coat
2. Skirted Peter Pan Collar Coat 

3. Metal Clasp Hooded Coat
4. Black Contrast Piped Hooded Coat
5. Exposed Seam Skirted Coat  

All these coats are from Topshop. I love the Cape Coat :) Which style of coats do you like? 

- Charisse

02 December 2011

Dear Santa,

Here's a few items that i would love to get for christmas. Some I know i won't get, but maybe i'll settle for a very nice look-a-like haha.

Aritzia, Wilfred Van Dusen Pant

Steve Maden, MADEE Leopard loafers

Victoria Secret, Skirted pea coat in Indigo

Ysl, Holiday Glamour set. 
Russian Doll Measuring Cups (just too cute!)
Deena & Ozzy suede platform wedges
Free People, floral lace fit and flare dress 
Ahh so pretty i really want this lace dress possibly in black because that's more my style but this color in the picture looks pretty too. 
These are just a few stuff. I've also been wanting to get a toggle baby doll coat or just regular. I thought i found one, but unfortunately the coat didn't look as cute as i thought it did online. ahh the downfall of purchasing items online. Anywho, what does your christmas list look like? Are there any specific things you can't wait to get?! 

- Charisse

breaks are the best!

I'm so late posting stuff about thanksgiving, but oh well lol..I've been so busy with school and work this past month (november), but a week long thanksgiving break was much needed. I didn't do much, just spent time with my family and ate a lot of delicious food! :) Here's some random pictures i took that week when I Went to golden gate bridge, had thanksgiving dinner at aunt's house, and some of pretty pug (bella!) Hope you enjoy and had a good thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Can you believe that it's DECEMBER already?! i love this month! Hope you like the cute little christmas tree and decorations :) Not mine sadly my house is too small for a tree :( I wish i could get one, i'm way to festive to not decorate! I'll consider getting a mini tree for my room with cute ornaments lol. I'll stop typing now. 

Until next time. Love, charisse