02 December 2011

breaks are the best!

I'm so late posting stuff about thanksgiving, but oh well lol..I've been so busy with school and work this past month (november), but a week long thanksgiving break was much needed. I didn't do much, just spent time with my family and ate a lot of delicious food! :) Here's some random pictures i took that week when I Went to golden gate bridge, had thanksgiving dinner at aunt's house, and some of pretty pug (bella!) Hope you enjoy and had a good thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Can you believe that it's DECEMBER already?! i love this month! Hope you like the cute little christmas tree and decorations :) Not mine sadly my house is too small for a tree :( I wish i could get one, i'm way to festive to not decorate! I'll consider getting a mini tree for my room with cute ornaments lol. I'll stop typing now. 

Until next time. Love, charisse

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