28 April 2012

"So much to do, So little time"

Hey Loves,
I've been busy, busy, busy... Lately everything in my life is just craaay! haha besides school being the most stressful/time consuming thing.. Everything else in my life and family has been stressful as well. Recently my grandparents apartment complex got bought, so they have to move..we've been dealing with all that mess.. Really stressful for them since they lived in their little apartment since they came to United States in the 90s? lol i don't remember but pretty long so they collected a tonnnn of stuff i mean hoarder status haha. Anyways moving in general is such a hassle.. but we did find them a nice place and they seem really happy :) 

I haven't been posting anything lately.. no motivation at all to be honest. I know i tried to do a friday faves... totally lacking on that -_- I've been thinking of other ideas to post, so hopefully i'll post some awesome posts that is worth reading.

Until then i will share an adorable video of Ed Sheeran singing "Wake me up". Music always gives me a peace of mind. I hope you enjoy this, if you do please check out his other songs like "Give me love" or "kiss me" :) 

- Charisse 

06 April 2012

Which wallet to choose...?

Hello Loves!
          Haven't really been blogging much, but i wanted to make a quick post! So for a year or so now i've been without a wallet! There's a really long and complicated story to that and plus I haven't decided what wallet i really like. Pretty indecisive... So I've been holding all my money and cards in a coach wristlet. I mean it's convenient for running errands and what not, but it's hard to dig through it and look for stuff. I finally narrowed it down to 4 that I like. The most expensive one is the Tory Burch one, but that one is the most unique and the cheapest is Michael Kors which is simple and cute. The kate spade and Marc Jacobs are in between. I don't know which to get...I would love your opinion on which one you think looks good or if there's another brand that you recommend! And what type or brand wallet you have/like? Thanks  :)

- Charisse