29 May 2012

May update

I'm done with school! yay for a week then i'm back at it again. Summer school for a whole month then work and then vacation time!

This whole month nothing much happened, but thought i share with you guys some pictures of my birthday outings with my friends! I had a good time this year :) I got pictures from everyone, so the quality might be good or bad.. lol

My brother edited this picture, check his photography blog!

LOL i don't know what we were doing..

aw i love this one.
They have the best Spumoni ice cream

Gotta have a bathroom mirror picture!
All the items i have on are from F21 ( floral lace top, ruffle bandeau, black and white sheer top, blue maxi skirt & high-waisted shorts) The blazer i wore was from Lauren Conrad's line from KHOLS.. I really like that it's very fitted and more like a open cardigan blazer. The clutch that i wore throughout is from Urban outfitters, I love the simple design! The high waisted shorts that i got from F21 is super cute, the thing i like about it is that on both sides at the ends there are short zippers! Really helps when you sit down you can zip them up haha or if your thighs are big like mine.. & they still have some available on their website if yall are interested: Shorts
I seriously wore them almost the whole week :X they're def. cute for summer.

What items are you guys currently obsessing over? I would like to know! :)

- Charisse