27 July 2011

The Summer Set.

The Summer Set - Someone Like You

I'm currently in love with this song. This is off their new album "Everything's Fine" I haven't listened to all of the songs yet, but this one is my favorite. This is a very good summer song it's also very cute makes me smile. If you never heard of them check them out they are a pop/indie/rock band. If you're into bands like The Maine, We the kings, or the downtown fiction then you'll probably enjoy listening them.

24 July 2011

Coffee and Tea on a Sunday Afternoon

I decided to try this place called "Julie's coffee and tea garden" with my friends since one of them wanted to drink tea, so this place instantly came into my mind because i always wanted to try it. My first reaction was the decor was super cute. They have vintage looking couches and chairs and several large wooden tables for people to study. The menu is pretty extensive with a variety of tea's from black,green,white, and oolong. The staff was pretty friendly and suggested several teas to us. My friend randy went with the sencha green tea, we both never heard of it but it smells pleasant and has a straightforward green tea taste. I decided to go with something from their special's "lavender lemonade" I thought it was refreshing and taste like lemonade with a hint of lavender aftertaste mmmm. I definitely want to come back to try their teas for sure. We spent quite awhile in there, so i think i could see myself studying here instead of the usual Starbucks. If you're interested the place is located in Alameda,CA.

Didn't take that many pictures i only had my phone with me, so don't mind the quality. 

21 July 2011

Hats Hats Hats!

Okay hatsss! yay they are probably one of my most favorite accessories. Hats can make a simple outfit look instantly chic' and if you're having a bad hair day it will solve your problem. So you win in the end because you'll look cute and awesome. I like different styles of hats there are certain ones that don't fit my head, but then again every hat is designed differently you just have to try them on and see what fits.

Here are some of the hats that i wear a lot.
Cloche Straw Hat from forever 21

Straw Bowler hat from forever 21

Boater hat from Urban Outfitters

Wool Bowler hat from Forever 21

Straw Fedora from Aritzia

What kind of hats do you like? I personally love the wool bowler hat :)

Yummy Burgers

I finally tried this burger spot called "True Burger" after all the rave i've been hearing about from other people I decided to go try out and see if their burgers are really true... lol okay that was lame. Anyways back to the burger I went with my brother and friend jordan. The menu is fairly easy to pick from there are your selection of burgers, fries,add ons and drinks. I went for the "cheesy trueburger" , fries, and soda of course. I can't eat a burger without soda. Overall, the burger was fresh and the bun was pretty good. The portion was just right and not too big or small. The fries were alright they taste just like any other fries i tasted. Here are some pictures

i Love this one! lol

The pictures were taken by Christopher (HF&company) check out their blog: Hellafancy.blogspot.com! 

20 July 2011

Summer Playlist!

I love making summer playlists. I started one last year just for fun and i just kept adding to it. I basically added songs that reminded me of summer or songs i enjoy listening in the car, but anyways i wanted to share with you some songs that i really enjoy and you might like them too :)

  • Best Coast - Boyfriend 
  • Adele - set fire to the rain
  • Ellie Goulding - lights
  • Washed Out - Feel it all around
  • The whole Foster the People Album lol
  • Goldhawks - This time next year
  • Passion Pitt - The Reeling 
  • Young the Giant - Strings
  • VHS or Beta - Bring on the comets
  • Toro y moi - Still sound 
  • Toro y moi - Talamak 
  • Justin Nozuka - carried you 
  • Small Black - Despicable dogs (washed out remix)
  • Rye Rye and Robyn - Never will be mine
What does your summer playlist look like? :)

19 July 2011

Toro y moi!

Toro y moi - Talamak
--i'm obsessed with this artist. I think i was listening to another artist called "washed out" and stumbled upon his music and i can't stop listening. I also looked up what type of music and it's called "chill wave music". Indeed it is chill. Enjoy :)

staple accessories that go well with any outfit!

So the other day i shopped with my girls at urban outfitters and i came out with a clutch,scarf, and beanie. Somehow the colors are coordinated! Pretty cool

i used the clutch the same day because i couldn't wait and guess what?! Everything i need fits perfectly which includes my cellphone,keys,Chapstick,and my wristlet with my money and cards. It doesn't look weird or bulky after i put everything in it, so that is a plus. I'm considering getting the red color that they have. If you're interested it's called "contributor by Rachel Comey Canvas Clutch"