20 July 2011

Summer Playlist!

I love making summer playlists. I started one last year just for fun and i just kept adding to it. I basically added songs that reminded me of summer or songs i enjoy listening in the car, but anyways i wanted to share with you some songs that i really enjoy and you might like them too :)

  • Best Coast - Boyfriend 
  • Adele - set fire to the rain
  • Ellie Goulding - lights
  • Washed Out - Feel it all around
  • The whole Foster the People Album lol
  • Goldhawks - This time next year
  • Passion Pitt - The Reeling 
  • Young the Giant - Strings
  • VHS or Beta - Bring on the comets
  • Toro y moi - Still sound 
  • Toro y moi - Talamak 
  • Justin Nozuka - carried you 
  • Small Black - Despicable dogs (washed out remix)
  • Rye Rye and Robyn - Never will be mine
What does your summer playlist look like? :)

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