21 July 2011

Yummy Burgers

I finally tried this burger spot called "True Burger" after all the rave i've been hearing about from other people I decided to go try out and see if their burgers are really true... lol okay that was lame. Anyways back to the burger I went with my brother and friend jordan. The menu is fairly easy to pick from there are your selection of burgers, fries,add ons and drinks. I went for the "cheesy trueburger" , fries, and soda of course. I can't eat a burger without soda. Overall, the burger was fresh and the bun was pretty good. The portion was just right and not too big or small. The fries were alright they taste just like any other fries i tasted. Here are some pictures

i Love this one! lol

The pictures were taken by Christopher (HF&company) check out their blog: Hellafancy.blogspot.com! 


  1. Yum, I need to try this place.

  2. Charisse, you forgot to ask me if you can use my pictures!

  3. chris: I did ask in the car! You said fine.
    Lisa: yes, try it after church! :]


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