27 February 2012

Party Dresses

A lot of my friend's birthday are coming up and mine as well and we love to get dolled up for the night, which inspired me to post up some cute party dresses for dinner or the club. I'm def. liking the hi-lo hem dresses.. so pretty and they're all from ASOS!

- Charisse

26 February 2012

Oscars Red Carpet

My favorite part of the Oscars! Looking at all the dresses and being totally jealous and wishing i was attending the Oscars haha. There were a lot of stunning dresses, all these beautiful and detailed dresses... Here are some of my favorites! There were obviously more, but here are the standouts for me.
Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen
Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji
Mila Jovovich in Elie Saab
Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace
Maya Rudolph in custom Johanna Johnson gown
Rooney Mara in Givenchy White lace gown
Did you guys watch the Oscars? Any dresses you thought were gorgeous? 

- Charisse

25 February 2012

Tea Time!

Hello Loves,
          So the other day I went to the mall with my friend, I wasn't planning on getting anything but I knew they had this tea store called "Teavana" and I wanted to get their tea maker for awhile.. So I went in and ended up getting the gift set. It comes with the tea maker, some teas, a couple of tins, and a tea leaf scooper. I only wanted to get the tea maker which only costed 20 bucks, but i ended up paying like 80 dollars haha.. I need to stop seriously. Anyways, I've just been really into tea lately ever since my great aunt gave me a bag of Sencha green tea, that started my tea obession. So i'm really happy with my purchase! The one cool thing about the tea maker is you place the tea leaves in it and pour however much temperature water it is listed for the tea..you wait a while and when it's ready you place it on top of a cup and the tea dispense in the cup! not messy at all. If you guys have this store near you, definitely go and try their samples!

Youthberry tea, Smells really good like an orange scent very sweet

Do you guys like tea? or are you more of a coffee person? Let me know your thoughts :) Have a good weekend!

- Charisse

17 February 2012

Feeling vintage-y

Hello loves, I was uploading pictures and I decided to edit some, they all have some sort of vintage look to it! Most of them are from this past weekend and some from the summer.. Totally random. I hope everyone is having a wonderful friday. I will be stuck at home writing essays! :)

Adele - He won't go.

11 February 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I was lucky enough to snag two bags from the Jason Wu line! The bags arrived yesterday. My mom was so excited lol she's too cute. I ended up getting the satchel bag and the tote for moms. Very nice.. the material of the bag looks perfectly made & for the price.. totally worth it.

What do you guys think of the line? Were you able to get anything?

- Charisse

10 February 2012

New Year, New clothes

I finally got to upload my pictures from the past two weeks! So Lunar New Year started on jan 23 and ended i think last Sunday.. I'm not so sure lol. Anywways here are some pictures from the temple and some clothes & accessories I got from a new forever 21 that opened in my area. Don't mind the background... there is no where pretty to take pictures in my house lol. kk Enjoy! :)
Year of the Dragon! 
My mom and Grandparents :)
My mom and I

My favorite vietnamese restaurant to eat when i'm at San Jose, CA.

Forever 21 haul. 
Black Suede Wedges
Hi-Low hem skirt
Mint studded skinny bel
Brown belt.
Bella Monsterr!
Picture of my adorable pug Bella to end this post. Happy Friday & Have a great weekend everyone :)

- Charisse 

02 February 2012

Endless Spring

I just started school and it has been pretty hectic trying to figure out my class schedule and getting use to being back in school! I have a bunch of essays/studying/reading to do this whole semester. I'm so not looking forward to that at all! I wanted to post some things i bought a week ago and some pictures from the weekend of chinese new year, but i can't find my memory card :( booo. I'll upload those soon, but in the mean time i'll leave you with a song.. I love the feeling of this song + goes perfectly with the beautiful weather 

What type of music or song do you guys enjoy listening to? 

Houses - Endless Spring.

- Charisse