28 March 2012

Be Inspired, Be Motivated!

Hello loves,
         I haven't posted a new blog, but i thought i'll post something not related to anything I usually blog about lol, probably boring but take a read if you want! :)

 Basically a class i've been taking Sociology of popular culture, my teacher assigned this memoir by Alice Bag " Violence Girl" about a chicana girl living in East LA discovering herself in the punk scene. I just finished the book and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The book is structured a bit weird, very short chapters and tends to jump around, but she describes every scene very well you can see what she was experiencing at that moment. I love all the details she shares with her readers about "Discovering" herself. I usually don't read that much, but i'm glad i was forced to read this haha. Here's one quote i really liked...

“Healthy relationships are reciprocal and thrive on mutual encouragement, but there is a point at which people sometimes get lost in the vicarious thrill that they get from other people’s accomplishments and forgot to chase their own dreams"...

Here's a cover of the book.. very feirce!Something to take away from this is to not give a f*** and be yourself lol :) 

- Charisse 


  1. That is a powerful quote. How I see it is, sometimes we think too much and get pulled into other people's lives so deeply, that we forget to care about ourselves first. It's good to be encouraging of others, but always remember to also improve yourself at the same time. Take people's success and learn from it, instead of dwelling on it.

    This looks like a great book! And that was just my two cents about the quote :)

    The Lovely Memoir

    1. Yes, I totally agree. I feel like this is such a relatable quote to everyone. Thanks for your input Lisa :) I enjoyed reading her writing.. she said she didn't write that well, but i feel like her experience really speaks to everyone. Thanks :)


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