15 March 2012

Let's Get High-Waisted!

Hello Loves,
          So lately i've been looking/wanting a great pair of high-waisted shorts! Denim studded in particular. I do have a couple, but i wan't some more different styles. Plus i like wearing crop tops, so it would look perfect... besides i don't really like exposing my stomach lol.. high-waisted anything would be happy in my closet :)

I'm trying this whole Polyvore thing out. I've always notice other people use it, i had no idea what it was...Now that I know i'm having fun putting stuff together..I like that you can add whatever item you want and create collections. Here's one I made.

Do you guys like high-waisted bottoms?
- Charisse

P.S My Spring Break is here! yay i've been so stressed out with school. I def. deserve a nice week long break :) Any-Who, Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. I personally love high waisted denim shorts. They're such a vintage piece! Still haven't found one that i find perfect..

    1. I agree, I haven't found the perfect one either!

  2. Like all of them! so chic :X


  3. this style is so cute i don't think it would flatter my shape though :/

    my blog: boho vanity

  4. Omg I didn't see this post until now! I like your polyvore collage skills girl! lol I love high waisted shorts. I want some studded ones!

    The Lovely Memoir

  5. my hips are too big to wear high waisted shorts but i adore those studded denim ones! xx

  6. I LOVE high waisted shorts! That studded pair is gorgeous!


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