19 January 2012

Romantic Reds.

I think I might have some sort of a obsession with reds. First, i saw this cute romantic rose skirt on tumblr. I found out it was from chicwish! Fell instantly in love with this, so now i need this skirt in my wardrobe. 
I've always wanted some type of rose skirt since I saw Lauren Conrad wear one in her Style book. This would be perfect for a date or GNO (Girls night out). 

Another clothing item I stumbled upon was a Burgundy fur vest that Lucy Hale's character Aria Montgomery from "Pretty little liars" wore. The color i thought looked very stylish and chic'. 
The only thing is it's $695 which is too pricy and made out of turkey fur lol. Other than that i love the style of the vest! I definitely want to find a cheaper alternative. 

- Charisse 


  1. Omg I've been liking reds too! Maybe it's the winter like weather that's driving our brains into more warm colors :). That skirt is really cute. Get it!


    1. yeah the cold weather is definitely making us more attracted to warmer tone colors! But I'm excited for brights and pastels :)

  2. I also really love that red skirt!

    Check out my blog? :D

  3. I have been loving red color this season, especially because there is a lot of snow, where I live, and I just love how the red pops out on a white background! :)


  4. the skirt is so pretty... but i am not sure if i could pull it off. lol... lovely blouse also. :)

  5. Fabulous post!!!
    I love all shades of red too!!
    The red skirt in the 1st photo is very cool- love it!!!
    The burgundy colored fur vest is AMAZING!!! I adore colored fur & the burgundy hue of the vest is stunning!!!

  6. You have such a pretty blog dear, i've found you today and i'm really glad :)

    i'm your new follower, do you follow me back? :)

  7. that vest is to die forrrrr!xx


  8. the skirt is so pretty. lovely post x



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